Ag Risk Management

Using a holistic approach to agricultural risk management, we help farmers manage the risk that affects their bottom line.

Agribusiness Risk & Marketing Strategy

Agricultural production is subject to many uncertainties that could threaten a farm operations’ profitability, therefore risk management is a crucial part of a farmers’ business and marketing strategy.

There are many aspects and types of risk for an agricultural or farm operation: from climate and weather-related events and conditions, to animal diseases, to fluctuations in agriculture commodities prices and financial uncertainties, to government policy and regulatory risks.

Agricultural risks are linked both to each other and as part of an entire system that includes all available instruments, strategies, and policies designed to manage risk.

Let The Hueber Report agribusiness risk experts stress test your business’s portfolio with multiple factors that affect your bottom line profitability (yield, price, basis, insurance, etc.) and see how changes in these factors impact your operation.

Our Ag Risk Management Consultants

The Hueber Report Ag Risk Management Consultants operate in a perpetual state of risk assessment; surveying independent risk factors as well as how each connects within the greater framework of ag risk.

Utilizing a spectrum of risk intelligence sources, our consultants then develop holistic risk management recommendations and solutions for farmers and producers, working one-on-one with agricultural sector clients to measure, maintain, and monitor risk.

As part of your Hueber Report subscription you’ll be invited to a one-on-one marketing consultation with one of our advisors. During this time we’ll help you put together a marketing plan, teach you how we market commodities, and will develop risk management strategies specific to your farm.


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