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We provide farmers with comprehensive strategy-driven risk management and ag marketing advice backed by in-depth analysis


Seasoned in agricultural risk management and marketing, The Hueber Report is backed by Dan Hueber’s 40 years of agribusiness experience. From daily snapshots, market updates, and breaking news that affects your business, to research, actionable recommendations, newsletters, and ag reports — The Hueber Report delivers timely information to busy farmers on-the-go in a variety of formats.


Why Should I Subscribe to The Hueber Report?

Subscription Packages & Features






Daily Market Letter

Our daily market letter gives you the latest grain market news and commentary and provides both a technical and fundamental view of where the market is and where we believe it will go. We incorporate Dan Hueber’s unique cycle analysis and give you specific price targets to use in your marketing and trading plan.
Weekly Newsletter

Every week we dive deep into the economy, agriculture, and marketing techniques to bring you what we believe to be the most in-depth grain market analysis available. The weekly newsletter includes dozens of charts where we show you exactly how we analyze the markets so that you can make better, more informed marketing decisions.
Commitments of Traders Analysis

The Commitments of Traders report is published once a week by the CFTC and tells you exactly how many contracts the speculative funds, commercials, and small traders are holding and if they’re long or short. We go a step further than others and break down this information in an easy to read format with commentary and analysis.
Actionable Marketing Recommendations

Our actionable marketing recommendations are delivered straight to your inbox well in advance of our price targets. We tell you where to sell, how much to sell, and why we are making the sale. Don’t worry if you’ve missed some of our earlier targets. Every new recommendation comes with catch up recommendations so that you have the same amount of your crop sold as clients who have been with us for years.
Trade Recommendations

Speculative and hedge trade recommendations from a team of experienced analysts and brokers.
Periodic Updates

We all know how the news moves the markets. That’s why we send out updates on ethanol production, crop progress, USDA reports, etc. We send this out soon after the report with our own market commentary on why the numbers matter to you.
Afternoon Phone Update

Get our expert commentary and research wherever you are with voice broadcast updates. We will call you with market updates and news.
Text Message Alerts

Get breaking analysis and research via text message, so you can stay informed on the go.
The Hueber Report Revenue Management Platform

  • Quickly calculates your farm’s breakevens and tracks expenses

  • Manages sales, offers, and helps you stay organized

  • Automatically calculates your crop’s marked to market value

  • Calculates your revenue at 325 price and yield combinations on a single easy to read table

  • Lets you test sale strategies using any number of cash, futures, and options simulations to help you make better marketing decisions

  • Stress tests your marketing plan letting you know what price you have to sell in order to ensure profitability

45-Minute One-on-One Training Session for the Revenue Management Platform

Kickstart your marketing plan by learning how to use our Revenue Management Platform. Our consultants will show you the best way to utilize this impressive piece of software.