Ag Risk Management Programs

Using a holistic approach to agricultural risk management, we help farmers manage the risk that affects their bottom line.

Agribusiness Risk & Marketing Strategy Consulting Programs

Today’s volatile commodities markets have created potential opportunities that may have been unforeseen a few years ago.   Along with the increased interest in commodities have come added volatility, increased costs, and fewer margins for error.  We believe that the need for price risk management may be greater than ever before.

The Hueber Report offers consulting programs to help guide your business:

Market Alliance Program (MAP)

Much more than a marketing plan it’s your potential MAP to success!

In today’s challenging agribusiness, farmers may be facing more decisions than ever before, and the impact of an incorrect move can be devastating. That’s particularly true when it comes to marketing what you produce.

Our Market Alliance Program goes beyond ordinary marketing plans. There are three strategies that help producers manage risk: cash marketing, options and futures, and crop insurance. Most companies develop marketing plans focusing on only one of the three. But MAP builds the most appropriate combination of all three for your specific needs and situation. It’s a much more comprehensive approach to identifying and managing risk.

MAP provides straightforward guidance designed to make the most of your time and simplify decision-making, so you can concentrate on what’s important: your family and your farm.

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Freedom Plan

Marketing grain can be one of the biggest challenges a farmer has to face.  We created our Freedom Plan to give you a simple and affordable way to potentially take advantage of these marketing strategies and improve your returns without taking time away from your farm and family.

Easy to Understand and Use The Freedom Plan is sensible and easy to understand:

• You pledge a portion of your corn, soybean or wheat production.
• You decide when and where you’d like to deliver the grain you pledged.
• We then use our experience to market the grain for you.

Your Choice of Strategies

The Freedom Plan gives you a choice of strategies that lets us match a marketing approach to your needs and preferences. The first allows the use of forward, hedge-to-arrive and minimum price contracts, as well as other cash strategies available through your delivery elevator. We’ll make decisions about the timing of sales, basis and the management of options in the contracts. The second offers all that, with the added flexibility of using aggressive marketing strategies through a brokerage account.

Freedom Plan is affordable with the following fees: $.05 per bushel for corn, $.12 per bushel for beans, and $.08 per bushel for wheat.

Trading futures and options involves substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for all investors or producers.

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