Ag Revenue Management Platform

Empower yourself to make sound marketing decisions with The Hueber Report’s Ag Revenue Management Platform

The Hueber Report’s Ag Revenue Management Platform offers a comprehensive solution to manage farm revenue. It fully integrates grain production, operating costs, cash sales, crop insurance, and futures and options.


Platform Benefits:

✓ Quickly calculates your farm’s breakevens and tracks expenses
✓ Manages sales, offers, and helps you stay organized
✓ Automatically calculates your crop’s marked to market value
✓ Calculates your revenue at 325 price and yield combinations on a single easy to read table
✓   Lets you test sale strategies using any number of cash, futures, and options simulations to help you make better marketing decisions
✓ Stress tests your marketing plan letting you know what price you have to sell in order to ensure profitability










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